Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday Sept 14th, Congratulations Carl on Soloing

Visibility: clear
Wind:  North at up to 10 knots
Altitudes: 4500+
Time Aloft: 1.5hrs plus (looking at the only OLC post)
Max Lift:  4-5knots
Temperature: Not reported, but probably hot.
Comment:  Major training day with only one Private ship on the schedule
Tow pilot: Peter Mersino

Congratulations on soloing a glider Carl

No back seat instructor required!

Flight Reports:    

No official flight reports were shared for the day, but it looked like a pretty typical Summer or early fall day.  Warm temps, light winds and lift capped at 4500 or so in the valley.  North flow was fairly pronounced if you review Peter's flight trace on OLC.  Most likely the convergence was very far west and tough to reach without a serious commitment to diving over the back and into the Cholame Valley.

Training, Training, Training:

From the flight scheduler we had a really busy day as Harold crammed in as many students as possible before heading out on vacation to Italy and Alex also flew with a number of students and a demo flight.  Joe Wesley, Keith Curry, Tim Smith, Jack Knutson and Darren Council put in some time towards their Private Pilot requirements and preparation.

Russ Etheridge and Shawn Knight flew their final few flights in preparation for their commercial checkride coming up later in the week.

Fall Soaring

The Fall Soaring Season has officially hit.  Temperatures are going to get dramatically more comfortable in September and October, but we will still have good soaring days.  Fronts are going to start sliding out of the Gulf of Alaska and bringing in some varied conditions and unstable air.  Be sure to get out and make the most of the next two months of good thermals before things slow down in Winter and we become much more dependent on wave and cold post frontal conditions to give us instability for winter thermals with low sun angles and short days.

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