Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sweet Winter Day at Avenal

Visibility: Far 
Wind: Light
Altitudes: Tow release    
Time Aloft: Enough
Max Lift: Occasional zero    
Temperature: ~60
Tow pilot: Jim Rickey

It was a sweet and mellow early winter day today at Avenal.

 We had around a dozen members out at the field.  Brandon, Mark, Russ, Kevin, Jim, Larry, Richard, Joe, Kris, Ollie, and maybe a few more that I missed. The lucky five of them flew while the others fattened their club karma accounts by working on any number of projects around the gliderport.

Larry brought 100 gallons of 100LL and then grilled up hotdogs and chili (OK, maybe that was with propane, not 100LL) and then got the crew moving again after lunch.  A good day all around.

The annual meeting is January 6th - mark your calendars and we'll get the new year underway at CCSA.  Get your name into the nomination pool for an open club office.  See you then, or sooner if we see wave!

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