Thursday, August 5, 2021

August 5, 2021; Carl Lindgren passes checkride.

Visibility:       20 miles
Wind:             Southeast to southwest, 10-15.
Altitudes:       3500 MSL
Time Aloft:    Not long
Max Lift:       None
Temperature: Low to mid 90s at flight time.
Comment:      Carl Lindgren passes Glider checkride.

Carl Lindgren today became our newest rated glider pilot!

Here are the last couple of seconds of Carl's 3rd and final flight.

Look closely and DPE Dan is smiling and saluting the camera.

A relaxed looking DPE, smiling for the camera, is a good sign.

All takeoffs and landings were on runway 12L today.  During the third and final flight, wind was out of the southeast to south, probably 15 knots, definitely favoring runway 12.

Carl Lindgren and DPE Dan Gudgel are all smiles after Carls successful checkride!
(It's 100° F out--forget the normal picture by the glider--let's get under the shade!)

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