Monday, July 29, 2019

7-27-2019 Zach Yamauchi Passes Commercial Checkride

Visibility:       10 Miles+
Wind:             Light northwest
Altitudes:       7000 (Richard)
Time Aloft:    Richard Walker; 2 Hours
Max Lift:        6 Kts.
Temperature:  105°F
Comment:       Hot, but productive.
Tow pilot:       Alex Caldwell

Dan Gudgel, Alex Caldwell, and Zach Yamauchi gathered early to test Zach's Commercial Glider skills.

Zach taking off from Runway 13 after a very low altitude PTT from Runway 31.

Try it again from Runway 31

On final approach for the final time.
About to nail the stop point, this ride is just about over.
Congratulations are in order.
Cries have already started coming in for Zach to get his CFI-G--probably won't be too long!

Way to go, Zach!

Later, new member Kris Caldwell got checked out to solo in the 1-26.  With an ATP rating and F-35 time, he won't be a glider student very long.  

About an hour later, Dan checked Kris out in the towplane--a hot day with a glider in tow has GOT to be a completely different experience than F-18s and F-35s!

Kevin had a few lessons with student Will Bergman, Aleks Radco took his ship up, Jim flew the 1-26 after Kris (with Kris at the forward end of the rope), and Zach took the 1-26 for a flight, too.

Richard Walker had a good flight in his 1-35.  He ventured out further than the 2-33 and 1-26 fliers did, and found convergence.  He by far had the longest flight of the day, (I'm guessing) 1.5 to 2 hours.

Hot, but productive.

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