Thursday, April 19, 2018

SUNDAY, April 15, 2018. Carl Engel BFR

Visibility: Unlimited
Wind: Calm early, then SE 12-15 kts
Altitudes: Mostly release altitude
Time Aloft: An hour or more
Max Lift: 500 fpm
Temperature: Cool 70's
Comment: Neiman and Griffin work on checkride prep, Carl Engel on his BFR
Tow pilot: Harold Gallagher, Griffin Schwarz, Neiman Walker

The weather on Sunday was a little clearer than Saturday but the winds were higher and most launches took place from the far northwest end of runway 31.

Carl Engel arrived for his BFR, driving a new Tesla Model 3. Wow, what a car!! If you haven't seen one yet I suggest you find one to inspect. At the bottom of these pictures are three photos of Carl's car. I know they aren't soaring pictures but the inside looks like the panel of Bob Crooks RV-10 with only a monitor for all the information.

Neiman Walker is just about to take his checkride so this morning he flew enough times to satisfy the FAR's for recent preparation for a checkride. He and Don Flinn worked on Neiman's skills and after the first two flights we all agreed to change runways due to the wind shift to the Southeast. Griffin Schwarz took over from me as tow pilot and towed Neiman for his last two flights.

Later, Don Flinn and Griff Schwarz were doing much the same but by that time, Neiman had taken over as the tow pilot.

Griffin Schwarz towing Don Flinn and Neiman Walker for Neiman's third flight of the day.

With a good SE wind, no difficulty clearing the fence at the SE end.

We all used the same glider rather than untying Big Bird for just a few flights among us.

Carl Engel on takeoff to the SE behind Griffin in the tow plane.

As you can see we were quite high already and not even past the clubhouse.

Neiman Walker checking the tow plane.

Another takeoff for Carl Engel but in this case he's in the back seat just getting the rust out from there.

Another good takeoff into the wind, and down hill. We aren't lower, just used the telephoto lens.

Starting our turn to the right and Carl is doing quite well from the backseat.

A view of the instrument panel on N5722S for those who want to stay familiar with the instruments.

An interesting view of the three glider hangars along the runway.

Carl snagged a thermal just above the launch end so Don and Griff waited patiently as we stayed up maybe too long.

Neiman towing Don and Griff near mid-afternoon. I believe they kept up flight ops for another hour or so.

Don and Griff in 22S going past the clubhouse with excellent height on takeoff.

Here are the photos of Carl's Tesla Model 3. An amazing automobile.

Aerodynamic wheel covers add to the efficiency of the car.

There are no dash board instruments other than the monitor that controls all vehicle functions.

A closer look at the brain of the Model 3. Too much there to even begin to describe in this essay.

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