Tuesday, December 5, 2017

SATURDAY, December 1, 2017. CCSC Board Meeting

Visibility: 8-10 miles in haze.
Wind: Light and variable.
Altitudes: Release altitudes
Time Aloft: Probably less than a half hour
Max Lift: Reported up to 2 knots.
Temperature: Very cool, in the high 60's
Comment: Excellent Board Meeting.
Tow pilot: Griffin Schwarz.

For those of you who couldn't make it out here today, you missed one of the better Board meetings we've had. President Mike Paoli and the Board members put on a detailed, friendly, orderly, fact-filled, wide-ranging, and member-involved meeting. The Board members were prepared, confident about their material, anxious for member input, and the whole affair pleasantly and smoothly unfolded. Congratulations to all the Board members and to the members who attended and contributed to the array of information valuable in its content.

Thick haze predominated in early morning and did dissipate to some degree after 1:00 pm. There was some flying but not too much. Most members in attendance came just to engage in the Board meeting and that's a great sign of member interest and involvement.

Daniel Slezak did  two flights today and each one better than the next. He is progressing at a highly satisfactory rate and I'm expecting good things from him in the next few weeks.

Don Flinn took Tammy Golomb for two demo rides in the Big Bird and I assume she enjoyed the experience.

Bennett Diamond did some flying in Big Bird but that was later in the afternoon after I left for the day.

As I left for the day, I noticed the 1-26 being towed to the launch area. Then I saw Jim Rickey heading out that way so perhaps Jim did have some time to go flying, maybe to check on the newly installed instruments.

To understand the breadth and scope of what was discussed at the nearly 2.5 hour Board meeting, look for the minutes to be distributed when they get time to complete them.

Excellent turnout, interested members, smooth presentations, and a very friendly atmosphere.
Mike, Jim, and Pancho put on presentations that kept the interest of the attendees
Pancho Herrera is doing his best to get his arms around the club finances and billings.
Bennett, Griffin, and Alex all were intently observing the meeting and assimilating the information presented.
Don Flinn in the backseat taking Tammy Golomb for a demo ride in Big Bird.
Two flight instructors comparing notes on how we do things here at Avenal.
Mount up!!! Ken Talovich climbing aboard his RV-8 and then bound for Pine Mountain Lake airport.
Ken's low pass was so fast it blurred the photo and I nearly didn't get it all in the frame.
Another flight for Tammy Golomb with Don Flinn piloting from the back seat.
Daniel Slezak ready for his first training flight of the day.
We finished the first flight and now Daniel is waiting for the second. Both were flown very well.
Daniel Slezak up in the haze and nearing pattern altitude on his second, and best flight.

Bennett Diamond moving Big Bird out of the way until he's ready for his flights.

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