Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Work Day

Visibility:           5 Miles
Wind:               Calm in morning, becoming 10 gusting to 18 around 4 PM.
Temperature:   96° @ 9AM, warming to 107° during afternoon.
Comment:        Good Work Day
Tow pilot:          None.

The RASP was predicting pretty good thermal lift today, and we saw dust devils all over the place from about noon until the wind tore most of them apart.  Yes, it was hot at CA69 today, but it looked like good thermals could have been found with your eyes closed.

But none of the people who showed up truly thought they would fly today.  Rick Eason, his son Matt, Richard Walker, John Harbick, Larry Johnson, Carlos Grajeda (Sergio's dad) and Jim Rickey were there to work.

Carlos continued his clean-up of the grounds--the premises are unquestionably the best looking I have ever seen them.

The others were there to strip the paint off of Orange Crush's metal parts in the process towards giving them a fresh coat of paint.

Rick Eason is power washing the bottom of the wing after the stripper has had a chance to do its work.
Larry Johnson is "painting" stripper onto the struts.
Larry and John Harbick are inspection for dry spots.
Matt is watching dad blast the old paint off.
Rick treated us all to an awesome lunch;  BBQ'd tri-tip, beans, macaroni salad, and garlic french bread were enjoyed at the lunch break.
Larry and Jim power wash the floor afterwards.
We did not get the second wing stripped, as we did not have enough stripper and running out of steam ourselves.  But we made good progress, and got techniques down so hopefully things will go smoother on the other wing.

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