Sunday, November 20, 2016

SATURDAY, November 12, 2016. Fun day for most, but no lift.

Visibility: More than 10 miles in a bit of haze.
Wind: Light and variable but mostly from the NW
Altitudes: Not too much higher than tow height.
Time Aloft: Probably less than an hour, if that.
Max Lift: Maybe 200 fpm.
Temperature: Mid 70's, very pleasant day at Avenal.
Comment: Even with no lift, most had fun today.
Tow pilot: Julie Butler and Morgan Hall. Thanks to you both.

Click on any photo to see large sizes of every photo.
If you like the published photo,  a higher resolution is available. Most photos I take are 4608x3456 then reduced to 2000x1500 for publication. Just let me know which photo you'd like and I'll email you the higher resolution. Such resolutions are available for many years back in photos posted on this blog.
With so many pictures published, they tell the story just as well as if I wrote it all out in paragraphs.

Russ Genet preflights the Orange Crush while Jennifer Bauman finishes with Big Bird.
An early launch for Big Bird because many more students are here today from Cal Poly.
Jim Bell's first flight of the day especially to work on his towing skills.
Partly lost in the background clutter, the 1-26 is piloted by Troy Wollman.
Dan Clark, Jeff Richardson, and Wyll Soll await their turn in the sky.
Jim Bell launches once again and is getting much better on tow. 
Dan Clark takes his turn in the 1-26. Dan hasn't been here for awhile but we're glad to have him back.
Jesse McClintock and Wyll Soll walking past the 1-26 while Dan checks the takeoff list.
We need to see Dan here more often but realize he lives in Felton, a long way from here.
The launch area is filling up, thereby pushing the need for another tow plane.
Wyll Soll admiring Mike Paoli's Libelle. Jesse McClintock is helping Mike unhook.
Now it's Wyll Soll's turn for an instructional flight in Big Bird.
Off goes the DG100 for another flight but with little lift it will be back too soon.
Not sure who owns this Maule but we did have visitors here for delivery of the new simulator.
Mike Paoli checking the movement of the dive brakes in preparation for his launch.
Jeff Richardson about to run the wing for Mike Paoli in his Libelle.
Mario Pauda's 1-26 is surrounded by admirers and helpers.
Mario is checking the seating configuration for comfort and correct positioning.
Russ Genet's first flight with me, in the Big Bird. Russ is progressing nicely towards solo.
Dan Clark hooks up the DG100 for Jeff Richardson.
Jeff Richardson is about to launch in the DG100 but won't be too satisfied with the lift.
Mike Paoli launching in his Libelle.
Mike Paoli says this is a keeper photo that will be printed large size and framed on his wall.
Beth Hotchkiss likes to take pictures of almost all operations at Avenal.
Dan Clark giving the thumbs up to Ethan Ronat at the wing tip, preparatory to launch.
Beth Hotchkiss at it again, photographing Big Bird and the surrounding students from Cal Poly.
Alex Caldwell is leaving for home in his RV-3.
Ethan Ronat nearing ready for his flight in that beautiful Discus C he acquired from Steve Schery.
The late afternoon sun paints Big Bird with an almost golden glow.
Andrew Palmer about to hook up Big Bird for Beth Hotchkiss.
Ethan Ronat landing in late afternoon after an uneventful flight with little lift.
While only 2 days away from being the brightest moon in decades it still is a nice sight.
Unless using a telephoto lens, the big bright moon is a relative dot in the night sky, observed by Beth Hotchkiss.

Next weekend should be another nice day for students to test their skills both on tow and off. Don't let the cool winter air keep you from training flights, so valuable when you schedule them every weekend instead of letting weeks go by with no flights. The more often you fly, the quicker your personal goals are achieved in aviation.

See you next weekend.

Harold Gallagher

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