Friday, November 14, 2014

November 8, 2014; No lift.

Visibility:         Very hazy.
Wind:             Hardly any.   Peak gust recorded for the whole day was 8 MPH.
Altitudes:        Whatever you got released at.
Max Lift:        "About 6 feet per minute"--Joe Anastasio
Temperature:  70s from before 10:00 AM to after 5:00 PM, peak of 79° around 1:00 PM.
Tow pilot:       Jan Zanutto

In the few months I have been looking at the RASP, today, 11/8/2014, was the most pessimistic soaring forecast I have seen.  The forecast was right.  High pressure overhead was really keeping a cap on the inversion, and thermal activity was nil, with what little bit could be found topping out at about 2000' MSL at its peak.

Joe Anastasio did report finding lift, about "6 feet per minute," he called it.  The lift he did find was widely scattered.  The rest of us just found a few widely scattered bubbles of decreased sink.

For such a dismal soaring day, there was a surprising amount of activity at the gliderport.  Richard Walker got his biennial flight review with Harold Gallagher.  Graeme McIntosh got in some short flights.  Others flew, but getting there late myself, I do not have their accounts.

Tyler Bishop took the 1-26 up for the first time.
Tyler is ready to go.  Note the haze in the background.
Tyler is ready for hookup then to go.
Jan Zanutto captured Tyler with this "Top Gun Look" photo.
Jim Rickey also took the 1-26 for the first time.  It was nice how much faster the 150 can levitate a 1-26 compared to the 2-33.

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