Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Saturday November 23, weak blue conditions

 Saturday, November 23, 2013

Visibility: 30 miles+
Wind: SE up to 15kt gusts
Altitudes: As high as you were willing to tow
Time Aloft: 40minutes
Max Lift: 1-2knts
Temperature: 60s
Comment: Weak lift broken up by SE winds
Tow pilot:  Bill Vrastil from Santa Ynez in Blue Pawnee

Morgan and Julie return from their excursion to the hills.
With SE flow, we were forced to use 13 for departures and landings.  It's amazing how much more efficient we are when we can launch 31 and land on 07 with the towplane.

Darren Council takes his first flight in a 1-26.  The Pawnee doesn't even know it is there and the climb looks more like a winch launch than an aero-tow.

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