Contact Information

Contacting us for information about membership, introductory flights, training or availability of tows is best done via email.

General Information:

Physical Address:

Central California Soaring Club
600 La Neva Blvd
Avenal, CA 93204

Board Of Directors
  • President - Dennis Lyons
  • Vice President - Mike Paoli
  • Treasurer - Pancho Herrera
  • Secretary - Karl Kunz
  • Operations - Don Flinn
  • * Membership - Jennifer Baumann
  • * Treasury Clerk - Richard Walker
  • * Advisory outgoing executives (Morgan Hall, Dan Gudgel, Peter Mersino)
* Appointed non-voting support directors

You may email the board at directors AT  or individually at "position AT".  ex: and replace AT with @.

  • Harold Gallagher
  • Dan Gudgel
  • Alex Caldwell
  • Don Flinn
  • Olivia Lockhart

instructors AT

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